Employee & Customer Surveys

How is your organization doing? Do you know what your employees think of your organization? How about your customers?

We were very pleased with the outcome of her work (on the Distributor Satisfaction Survey) and in fact have hired her most recently for a second project in the development of a number of Customer Satisfaction surveys. Faye kept us on target, was very flexible with our schedule, professional, and exhibits a great sense of humour. I strongly recommend Faye (People Time) to others and would welcome the opportunity of working with Faye again.

Pam Murray, CHRL
Director of Human Resources, Trillium Mutual Insurance

They have provided effective mentoring and guidance to both management and front line workers during business restructuring through open discussion, employee interviews and the monitoring of company morale and communication. Knowledgeable, attentive and rich in resources both internally and referred, Affinity Biologicals considers People Time a key partner and support to our Human Resources Management Team.

Patty Hoogendoorn, CFO, Affinity Biologicals, Inc.

If not, perhaps it’s time to ask them.


  • To retain your high performing employees
  • To keep your most valuable customers.

Feedback from your key stakeholders can provide you with valuable information about:

  • what your organization is doing right, and therefore should keep doing
  • what your organization is doing wrong, and should fix, and
  • what your organization is not doing, and should consider doing.

You do not want to hear what you are doing wrong, or should have done differently, after the high-performing employee has already made a decision to leave (perhaps they share their views in an exit interview). Or, learn from your customer, what you could have done to improve your service to them and retain them as a customer, after they have advised you of their decision to change product/service provider. By then it’s too late to fix things with this particular employee or customer.

And as we know, disgruntled employees and customers very often share their views with their friends, family, and colleagues. So now, instead of being in a position to do something to retain the employee/customer, you have lost them, and have also lost the opportunity to build a relationship with other potential employees and customers.

As your survey provider, People Time:

  • will work with you to determine your survey objectives
  • make recommendations on the best format for surveying your stakeholders whether that be a focus group, telephone survey, mail, email or on-line survey
  • develop the survey questions, ensuring the appropriate reading level ability, and determine the question format most appropriate to the type of feedback you are seeking
  • test the survey with regards to readability, flow, and time required to complete the survey
  • develop a communication plan to support the survey project which may include communicating the survey to the participants, inviting participants to complete the survey, sending out reminders and thank you notes to participants, and sending a summary of the survey’s key findings to the participants
  • ensure anonymity of survey responses by collecting the survey responses, and reviewing and analyzing all data
  • provide you with a final report, including a summary of the survey responses, key learnings, and recommended areas for the organization to consider taking action to make change.

Contact People Time if you would like to learn more about collecting feedback from your key stakeholders.


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