Group/Team Facilitation Services

Guiding your group/team to … resolve a problem … fix a process … build a vision for the future.

Faye Wales was instrumental in helping me enhance the customer focus and team dynamics amongst my local human resources team.  Faye’s subject knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to her craft was well received by those that participated.   Thanks Faye for providing the support.  The result has brought added value and improved service to our customers!

Mary Moody, Director, Human Resources, Goodrich Aerospace Canada

Are you part of a management team, community organization, or other group that is looking to solicit input from a number of people in order to move your organization forward?

Perhaps you have scheduled the meeting, invited all the key stakeholders, and defined the meeting objective however, you are now thinking that perhaps, you are not the best person to lead the meeting.

This is where we can help.

Utilizing the services of an experienced, third-party facilitator to help guide your group/team toward achieving your meeting objective will benefit you and the team by:

  1. Allowing you to participate in the meeting and provide your input, as a team member
  2. Having the facilitator build the agenda and develop the meeting activities/exercises to ensure your meeting objectives are met
  3. Allowing you to relax and enjoy the day, knowing that you are not responsible for running the meeting, serving as time-keeper, responding to team member questions and concerns, or guiding the group through some of the more difficult items on the meeting agenda
  4. Having an experienced facilitator take on responsibility for ensuring the team’s adherence to the agenda or conversely, revising the agenda if/as required during the meeting to meet the changing needs of the group
  5. Utilizing the services of the facilitator in the planning, execution and follow-up to the meeting.

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