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Faye and People Time have provided our firm and clients with excellent professional HR advice and support for nearly a decade. She has helped us hire top quality staff who are still with us today and saved us valuable time throughout the entire interview and search process. She has also been invaluable to ensure our HR policies comply with all relevant standards and is a great resource for questions. I would recommend all businesses use Faye for all of their HR needs.

Brad Perco, C.A. Partner, Brownlow Partners

Finding the right person for the job is critical to a productive and successful business or organization. It begins with understanding the need within the organization before you even define the job. Only after you are clear about who you are looking for, can you begin the recruitment process.

Our Operating Guidelines:

  • We are not a search firm. We do not charge a percentage of the new hire’s compensation package as our fee for services.
  • We serve as your ‘internal Human Resources representative’ for the duration of the search ensuring your company is positively represented to all potential candidates.
  • We project manage the entire search process leaving you, the client, to do what you do best – manage your business.
  • We develop a position summary customized to your position within your organization
  • We only charge you for time spent on the search.

People Time will work with you through every stage of the recruitment process, or only where you need help.

  • meet with your key representatives and tour the work environment
  • develop a position summary (main responsibilities, key competency requirements, compensation package and description of the work environment)

  • develop and implement a sourcing plan – looking for the best candidates in the places that they live, work and play
  • utilization of social media sites

  • first-level screening of applications and resumes based on the position summary
  • second-level screening by conducting telephone interviews to validate qualifications and determine fit for the organization

  • develop behaviourally-based interview questions based on key requirements
  • develop a candidate interview guide for the interviewers
  • coordinate the interview process
  • train and support interviewers as required

  • conduct telephone interviews of references to verify credentials and/or work history provided by applicant, before final offer of employment

  • present verbal offer to the candidate
  • prepare written offer of employment
  • serve as intermediary between client and candidate in negotiating the offer

  • checklists to ensure the new employee receives all information they need when they need it
  • entrance interview process

Discover the four questions to ask yourself before making the hiring decision.

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