Training Programs

Great value. Easy to implement. Long-term benefits.

People Time offers a variety of training programs for your staff, from executive level to front-line employee.  Program delivery options are flexible and can be delivered on-site or off-site, to suit your needs. Recommendations and arrangements for off-site facilities arrangements can be made on your behalf, as needed.

People Time has the breadth and depth of experience to design, develop and deliver custom programs that meet your needs and get results. We work with senior management to build your training and development program from the ground up. All of our training programs are interactive (ensuring maximum participation), include case studies/role plays customized to the client, and a follow-up process for sharing experiences and measuring results.

People Time has provided training solutions in a wide variety of industries, including: manufacturing, retail, food industry, public libraries, insurance, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, marketing and distribution, agriculture and professional associations.

Here is a partial list of programs we have offered.

Click on the category to view the list of programs:

Building a High Performance Employee Team

  • Employee performance management program

Recruitment & Selection Process

  • effective processes and practices for hiring managers

Preferred Working Styles

  • Personal development program for any employee/manager

Stepping into Management

  • Frontline Leadership Training Program for new supervisors and managers

Working Together for Success

  • A management/supervisory program on effective communications

Building our Business Team

  • Team development program for a team of branch managers

Setting the Stage for Change

  • Team development workshop for a management team in change

Developing High Performance Teams

  • Team development program for employees in a new team organizational structure

Building Positive Customer Relations

  • Customer Service & Team Development workshop …within the Team…and with the Customer

Building Customer Service

  • Customer service training in new organizations

Customer Service Inside

  • Internal customer relations

Complaint Resolution Workshop

  • Developing an effective customer complaint resolution process for your organization

Communicating Effectively with Every Customer

  • Customer service workshop for front-line staff

Influencing Others

  • Personal development program in communication, influence & building relationships with others

Communicating Effectively for Positive Relationships

  • Conflict resolution and relationship building

Mastering Stress

  • Strategies for coping with stress

Valuing Diversity

  • Diversity awareness program for employees & managers

Getting Ready2Retire

  • Retirement planning for your 50+ employees

Communications & Respect in the Workplace

  • Building positive relationships within the workplace

Getting Ready to Reinvent

  • Business leaders planning for the next stage of their life

Strategic Review Workshop

  • Review & Analysis of Key Strategic Initiatives

Developing a Plan for Growth

  • Business Planning Workshop for Managers/Owners

Breathe New Life into Your Practice

  • Building your revenue, your practice and your personal success

Curriculum Development

  • Turning your knowledge into a training program

Program delivery techniques

  • Learning about and practicing effective training techniques

Contact People Time to discuss your training needs and how we can fill the gap.


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