Innovation — An Alternative Service Offering to Meet Your Needs

Boomer Match to Business: All businesses have times when they need a specific area of expertise to either help them grow their business or address a current business issue, and they do not have that expertise on staff.

At Boomer Match to Business, we have a portfolio of just-in-time Business Experts, from a wide variety of industries with a diverse set of skills, ready to step in and help out a business on a short-term basis.

We will match the business with the expert, at reasonable rates, allowing the business to get the expertise they need, when they need it, without taking on additional full-time staff.  Our Experts are also happy to train the business owner or their employees so that next time they have a similar need, they can get the job done in-house.

Click the link to read about the benefits of hiring interim managers to not only fill the gap left by a departing manager but also to assist you getting a specific project completed or a new business initiative up and running.


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